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Our link building services in Seattle, Washington located on the web at, comply with Google, Yahoo and Bing to achieve top rankings and to avoid penalties in the longrun.

Professional SEO campaigns depend on several factors. Keyword selection is important, but link building, and diversity of links is just as, if not more important – but they need to be stitched together. The SEO experts at our Seattle WA SEO experts analyze in depth your website, to determine the best course of action..

A custom backlink program is needed to establish authority in the online market. With Panda and Penguin and Hummingbird and Frog (ok I made that up) algorithms from Google, SEO content and on and off page website factors impact rankings in a new way. The wrong link strategy can make you lose rankings.

Website authority does not just happen. It takes time, and SEO experts. One good link is better than 1,000 worthless links. Google and other search engines love links – the right links – as they equate it to a vote, or popularity contest, which makes authority. Unethical SEO is all about the short term, quickie link building campaign. Not wise. Many websites lose rankings, sometimes forever. So experience counts. And we have 13 years of experience.

About Clark SEO
We offer organic SEO, Adwords, PPC, social media marketing, pay-per-click account management, copywriting services, local search, internet marketing, website design, website maintenance, IT and more online services..


Seattle Web Design & SEO Consultant


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Pricing for SEO or website design services in Seattle, re-design or programming in Seattle, Washington and King County, WA or Seattle metro and nationwide can all vary depending on the website and company needs. Template sites can be built on an affordable budget. We don’t advise going too cheap. Custom websites or shopping cart designs and ecommerce programming pricing obviously costs more.

If you are looking at a simple custom small business website in HTML it may cost a few thousand, maybe less.

A moderate shopping cart website could cost 5-100 thousand depending on complexities of the back end and front end. Our web design agency can help build any type of Seattle website design and seo your firm needs to achieve.

Pricing Seattle web designers and costs of websites are relative to client needs and market rates like any industry. Our web design rates are moderate but our work and talented professional web design agency has superior skillsets and knowledge on all platforms.

Clark SEO Seattle offers web SEO or search engine optimization(organic or PPC) services. When we build a new site, if you opt into SEO, you are building quality SEO campaign from the start – which is the best practice. We also offer SEO consulting and service to clients with existing websites as well.

You can always set up a free blog, not that it would get results you want unless you already have a decade of SEO experience. But sometimes, you have to start somewhere. Free blogs combined with low priced SEO campaigns can do well.